Monday, July 5, 2010

Kids Boot Camp fitness

Hello Everyone,
This message goes out to everyone who are interested in placing their kids or knows someone who wants to have a child take part in a summer fitness program. The summer is already on the way, and is your son or daughter spending their time infront of the tv or playing video games? If so, enroll them in the Kids Boot Camp class. The class will be fun, filled with different exercises that will help them lose weight & encourage activity. The program is a 5 week program;

Start date: 07-21-10

Days: Wed. & Fri.

Time: 11AM-12:15PM

Prices: $125

Kids Age: 10 - 13 years of age

Class will be held at Hyde Public Charter School

101 T st NE

Washington DC 20002

* 1st 10 kids can take advantage of the early bird special for $99 for the whole 5 weeks.

* Afer 1st 10 sign-ups the price $125 for the 5 weeks.

* Pro-rated amount is $18 per class.

* Pay per visit or per multiple sessions.

* Only have space for 20 kids...So don't wait! Call today!